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AIJR Publisher is a unique international publisher for publishing online open-access research contents of the highest quality and significance in all areas of academic research and technology. Open access ensures accessibility to a wide range of audience by allowing an individual to have unrestricted use and reuse of published content as per CC license policy provided on each publication’s homepage. As an open access publisher, we are providing an opportunity for global researchers to get involved in updating themselves with the ongoing research. We publish international, open access, peer-reviewed academic journals, Books, Thesis, Dissertation, Conference Proceedings, Abstract Book, Conference Special Issue, Preprints, etc. Whether you are an Inspiring teacher, scientist, creative aspirants, curious students or researcher; we are cordially inviting you to browse our website and learn about ongoing researches in the field. In order to maintain manuscript quality, each manuscript submitted shall undergo peer review process. All the Journal with AIJR Publisher follows a rigorous peer-review process to retain high standards of published articles.

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Lead with authoritative source of scientific information in advancing the research community as well as humanity.

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AIJR is an international scholarly publisher that helps scholars, institutions, and professionals with open and free research contents to improve & advance the knowledge for the benefit of humanity. Our mission is to follow the best publishing practice and emerge as a trusted and reliable source of scholarly contents by-

We are committed to advance, promote, and serve the research community by maintaining the publishing integrity for the benefit of humanity.

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