FAQ for Conference Organizer

What information do I need to provide for the proceedings proposal?

Complete our Proceedings Proposal form to tell us about your event and we will review your conference details. Normally we will reply within 5 working days and we might additional details if required. Finally, we will send a confirmation email, whether we can offer a proposal for your conference proceedings or not.

I need a quote but I’m not sure how many people will attend?

We understand the challenges of estimating proceedings requirements in advance of your event and its fine. The number of participants will not affect our quote, you can always estimate it on your own.

If I accept your quote, what happens next?

If you notify us that our proposal and quotation are acceptable, we will send you payment detail for the proceedings and information’s to be followed by the volume editor.

Should the manuscript be plagiarism free?

Yes, the similarity index shall not be more than 15%. Conference organizer should use their institutional access of iThenticate for plagiarism check (References shall be excluded).

Should manuscripts be peer-reviewed?

Yes, volume editors should undertake a peer review process to ensure the quality of the selected papers for publication in their proceedings. The publication should be based on the merit of the work, not simply because the manuscript was presented at the conference. Please refer to the peer review guidelines.

Is there a minimum article length?

Yes, we prefer a minimum of 4 pages per paper. AIJR Proceedings will not consider 1-page abstract or extended abstract only, such publication can be done through Abstracts Book.

Is there a maximum article length?

No, Our fees for online publication are completely independent of the number of pages in proceedings articles. We do not impose an upper limit on article page counts. Authors can write as much material as necessary and editors wish to review.

How long do you take to publish the proceedings?

The time between submission of all contents to online publication is approx. 3-4 weeks, providing that all submitted contents are prepared with consistent formatting.

Does volume editor get to see proofs?

Yes, we send proceedings to the corresponding editor in a single PDF file containing the cover, all front matter items, and all articles submitted to us. We will make proceedings online only after the corresponding editor gives us formal approval to do so. However, the editor should not make any unexpected delay in replying for proofreading request.

Can I make changes at the proofreading stage?

Yes, changes can be made at the proofreading stage; however, we ask editors to keep the minimum number of essential changes so that the number of pages should not get changed. Remember, at the proofreading stage, we have already completed a considerable amount of copyediting work and metadata preparation for online publication. Requests for numerous small changes, which might appear to be minor, may actually result in considerable additional work to regenerate metadata. We ask editors to ensure before submission that all manuscripts are thoroughly reviewed and edited to avoid requesting substantial changes during the production process.

What factors affect publication time?

The publication time depends on a number of factors; the most important one is how carefully the volume editor compiles the proceedings before submitting to AIJR Publisher. Editors should read and follow our comprehensive guidelines for how to prepare the contents of the proceedings. Other factors that affect publication time may include the availability of editors to approve the proceedings, the number of articles, and the time of year. We will always strive to ensure that your proceedings get published in the minimum possible time.

AIJR Publisher