An author is generally considered to be an individual who has made substantial intellectual contributions to the manuscript. An administrative relationship, acquisition of funding, collection of data, or general supervision of a research group alone does not constitute authorship. All author must-

  • Contribute significantly to the conception, design, execution, and/or analysis and interpretation of data.
  • Participate in drafting, reviewing, and/or revising the manuscript for intellectual content.
  • Read and approve the manuscript to be submitted for a possible publication.

When the work is conducted by more than a single author or by a large group, an individual should be identified as submitting author who accepts direct responsibility for the manuscript. The submitting author should be one of the co-authors satisfying authorship criteria. Normally all editorial correspondence gets done with the submitting author and known as the corresponding author. In some cases, there might be more than one corresponding author, however editorial correspondence during the review process done with submitting author only. When submitting a manuscript authored by a group individual authors should clearly be identified along with their group. Other members of the group who does not qualify for authorship, generally gets credited in the Acknowledgment section. Submitting author should ensure that all individuals who qualify for authorship had already been listed in the agreed order. We do not require authors to sign the cover letter upon submission, submitting author will write and agree with our terms during submission.

Submitting Author’s Responsibility

In the case of publications with multiple authors, one author should be designated as the submitting author who also has to act as the corresponding author. The corresponding author takes overall responsibility however he/she does not need necessarily to be first author (lead author). The corresponding author is responsible for-

  • Including every eligible individual as co-authors in the agreed order.
  • Obtaining consent for authorship of the manuscript from each individual contributing author.
  • Obtain approval of the final manuscript from all co-authors to be submitted in an agreed journal/publication.
  • Formatting and following author guideline as well as ethics on behalf of all authors.
  • The integrity of the work as a whole and ensuring that reasonable care and effort has been taken to determine that all the data are complete, accurate, and reasonably interpreted.
  • Adding each author’s complete detail in the same format as described in author guideline of individual journal/publication.
  • Adding each author during online submission (step 3) with valid email id and complete detail in the same order as presented in the manuscript file. Not adding each author in the online submission system or providing wrong/fake email id may cause direct rejection of manuscript and block from any future submission.

The corresponding author acts as the point of contact between all co-authors and publisher, both before and after publication. After publication, the corresponding author will remain our point of contact for any inquiries regarding the article, supplementary material, and major datasets associated with the article, and is responsible for communicating any issues that may arise after publication to her or his co-authors.

Providing author’s complete detail during online submission

AIJR publisher took an extra step to ensure suitability of author as per our guideline and author dispute minimization. Submitting Autor should strictly consider following for manuscript submission in any of our journal/publication-

  • Complete detail of each author should be added on the abstract page in the same format as described in author guideline of individual journal/publication. Without having complete information review process will not be initiated.
  • Each author/co-author should be added during online submission (step 3) with valid email id in the same order as presented on the manuscript file. Submitting author will require to add at least full name (first name/middle name/last name), valid & correct email id, country, and affiliation. We require explicit consent from each co-author by sending them submission acknowledgment email and asking them to reply us with their awareness of this submission.
  • Submitting author should inform all co-authors to reply submission acknowledgment with their explicit consent within 1 week of submission, otherwise, the manuscript will be rejected without review.
  • Providing same email id for multiple authors or adding wrong/fake email id will be considered as author misconduct which may result in and blocking from any future submission and taking ethical action along with the public post of the author misconduct.

Change in Authorship

Submitting author should take extra care in adding all authors, their spelling, affiliation & order during the initial submission of the manuscript. Any request for change/modification in authorship or addition/deletion in authorship will not be considered after the review process initiated. The only exception of adding an additional author is possible during the manuscript revision stage if the new author makes a significant contribution in revising the manuscript. However, adding a new author will merely depend on the editor’s satisfaction with the additional work whether the work qualifies for authorship or not. The submitting author will require to provide an explanation for the addition of new authors as well as the consent of all co-authors.  

Co-author’s responsibility

All co-authors of a publication are responsible for:

  • providing consent of authorship to the corresponding author and ensuring that they meet the authorship criteria. A co-author should have participated sufficiently in the work to take responsibility for appropriate portions of the content.
  • providing consent to the corresponding author that they have reviewed and approved the manuscript for submission in the agreed journal.
  • Reading & following publication ethics of the journal/publisher where this manuscript going to submit.
  • Providing explicit consent for the submission by replying the submission acknowledgment email within 7 days. An individual retains the right to refuse co-authorship of a manuscript if s/he does not satisfy the criteria for authorship. The manuscript will be processed only after receiving a reply from all co-authors within 7 days of submission. All contributors should give valid email id to the submitting author and check inbox/junk/spam folder for an acknowledgment email from us.

All authors, including corresponding and co-authors, should confirm the number of authors, authorship, approval, and integrity of the manuscript before submission. In case of any differences of opinion, do not submit the manuscript for publication unless resolve internal issues. Before submitting the manuscript, authors should carefully check that the facts and data presented in the manuscripts are accurate and error-free.

Students below Ph.D. level should take prior permission & approval from their mentor as well as include the supervisor as a co-author.

All authors should read & follow the ethics for authors and agree for submitting the article in the specific journal for a possible publication. Any authorship dispute arising due to not reading the above terms may not be considered.

AIJR Publisher