Proceedings Publishing Terms

  • The conference should be organized by an academic/research institution or industry having a research wing or any other established learned society.
  • Conference materials (website/leaflet) will not display any misleading or fake information.
  • Conference materials will clearly indicate all organizers with links to the conference announcement on organizing institution’s website.
  • AIJR will be the sole publisher for entire conference contents.
  • All articles and other proceedings content should be in the English language.
  • Articles included in the proceedings will be selected based on the merit of work through the peer-review process by the publication committee of the conference.
  • All articles should be original and plagiarism free; the similarity index shall be less than 15%.
  • AIJR reserves all right to refuse the inclusion of any article if it does not meet the quality standard or violate our publication policy.
  • If we agree to publish, all conference materials (website/leaflet/brochure/banner) will clearly indicate AIJR publisher as proceedings publishing partner by using name/logo linked with

Note: Using AIJR Publisher/Journal’s name/logo on any conference content prior to the agreement and payment of the initial minimum amount is not allowed.

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