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This page will contain a collection of MS word templates for journals, proceedings, abstract books, monographs, books, thesis, preprints, etc. published by AIJR. Though it is not mandatory to use this word template, the author may follow the author guidelines carefully for formatting the manuscript. However, many authors feel more comfortable to use the word template to follow author guidelines. Even using the template seems more convenient, still, all authors are suggested to read author guidelines of the journal/publication to avoid any confusion.

Please look for the appropriate journal/publication and use the most appropriate template (.dotx for latest ms word or .dot for word 97-2003) as per the version of Microsoft Word you are using.

Note: If you are using the latest Microsoft Word (.docx) then download Latest Word Template (.dotx). If you are using word 97-2003 version (.doc) then download word 97-2003 template (.dot)

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