Tasks of the Volume Editors

Volume editors are supposed to manage the reviewing process and select papers for conference proceedings. Besides, the volume editors also organize them in the proceedings and prepare other front matters. Volume editor is responsible to provide the contents of the complete proceedings to AIJR for final production. The key task of volume editor is given below-

Instructing Authors about Guidelines

Please make the author guidelines and the template files available to the authors by including a link to the author’s page (link) on the conference website. All manuscripts should have consistent formatting preferably in a single column layout.

Managing peer-review

Volume editor is responsible for selecting papers through the peer-review process and hence assuring the quality of proceedings.

Preparing Front Matter

It is the task of the volume editor to prepare front matters including cover page, foreword, table of contents, other optional front matters, and to organize them within the proceedings.

Sending the manuscript files to AIJR

Participating authors submit their final article to the conference and the editor is responsible to send complete proceedings to us. Conference proceedings are treated as a camera-ready copy; therefore, it is important that you check each contribution thoroughly so that, upon submission to us, it is ready for publication. so, we will make only minor copyediting of the proceedings to update the necessary publication metadata. It is the volume editor’s responsibility to submit all files with consistent formatting. Volume editors should ensure the following checklist –

  • All files have been supplied in editable Word file format.
  • All files are in a consistent format (single-column layout is preferred).
  • The font style and size used throughout the manuscript are consistent.
  • The correct paper and margin size have been used.
  • That single line spacing has been used.
  • That the text is fully justified.
  • That headings are all the correct style.
  • All articles Include major sections; e.g. Title, Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References, etc.
  • That all figures/schemes/tables are in their correct place within the text, and not gathered at the end of the chapter.

The final and complete manuscript should be submitted to us through the dedicated email or submission system as instructed during the agreement. You will need to submit to us the following files:

  • Cover page (front and back page)
  • Title page for the proceedings (including all editor names and contact details)
  • Foreword and any other optional preliminary matters.
  • Table of contents
  • Separate Word files for each article (zipped in a single file or part of).
  • Copyright statement (where the author is not the copyright holder of the article).

Once we have received your completed manuscript, and we are satisfied that everything has been submitted in accordance with our guidelines, the manuscript will go through our production processes.

What is Foreword in Proceedings?

A Foreword generally comprises an overview of the conference proceedings. Volume editor will need to provide a foreword for the proceedings. Editors may want to discuss the conference, its scope, and the speakers who have contributed to the book. The Foreword is often followed by thanks and acknowledgments to people who were helpful during the time of writing. Normally 1-2 pages foreword is enough.

AIJR Publisher