Thesis Publication

Thesis publication is often considered essential if you wish to expand your career in academia or a related profession. Publishing your thesis/dissertation as a book monograph can be used as a building block to an academic career, to influence your discipline and expand your knowledge of the field. As a thesis, your work had a very small readership, but when you get published online it should attract a much larger readership.

We publish academic thesis/dissertation as a thesis monograph with ISBN and DOI through our AIJR Thesis series which will get deposited in the CrossRef thesis database. All submitted manuscripts will be internally reviewed and the author should expect a number of modifications as per the editor’s instruction.

How to Submit?

Submission can be done in 3 steps- (1) send required documents (2) send formatted thesis (3) Pay publishing fee and revise as per editor’s instruction.
Step 1
Send the following details (compiled in a single pdf file) to
1. Author’s updated CV.
2. Supervisor’s detail (Name, designation, affiliation, email id/mobile number); we may contact the supervisor for verification.
3. Scanned copy of the thesis approval certificate.
4. Scanned copy of the degree certificate (or provisional or mark sheet if Thesis Title mentioned in the mark sheet) awarded based on the said thesis.
5. List of publications (if any) from the thesis with its online link.
Step 2
If all documents found appropriate you will be asked to format the thesis in a consistent style and send us in an editable word file format.
Step 3
If the thesis found suitable for consideration you will require to pay an online publishing fee of $100 (or Rs. 5000/+GST for Indian student) and you should expect various modifications in the thesis as per instruction of the Editor. The publishing process may take up to 2 months or more.

Who Can Submit?

All students whose thesis has already been approved from their institution and a degree has already been awarded based on that thesis can submit their thesis to publish in book form as a thesis monograph. The supervisor can also submit their student’s thesis on behalf of the student by providing the required document and student’s contact information.

Can the supervisor act as a co-author?

No, we publish the academic thesis as a standard ‘Thesis Monograph’, where only a single student can be the author. Supervisors can be included and acknowledged in the inner pages as per thesis standard but can not be a co-author of the thesis monograph.

Thesis Publication Fee

If approved by the editor, the author will require to pay a non-refundable publishing fee of $100 (or Rs. 5000/+GST for Indian students).

AIJR Publisher