In-text Citation: Referencing Guide

In-text Citation

Citing references within the text, known as in-text citations is a critical aspect of academic & research writing. In-text citation, also known as in-line citation is a method of crediting the ...

APA Referencing Style: A Quick Guide

For Authors APA Referencing Style

Referencing is about stating the source for the appropriate acknowledgment of ideas and research work that originate from another author. It also provides evidence to support the assertions and ...

IEEE Referencing Style: A Quick Guide

For Authors IEEE Referencing Style

In scholarly writing, it is essential to acknowledge how others contributed to your work by following the principles of proper citation. Complete citation consists of 2 parts, i.e. in-text citation ...

Where to Submit Research Paper?

For Authors Submitting Research Paper

Recently in desk rejection, it has been noticed that the major portion of declined articles was due to submission to out of scope journals. Many authors submit their research papers to the wrong ...

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