Article Submission to Decision; Journal

For Authors Article Submission to Decision

This is a quick guide for the author; what to expect next, after the submission of articles to AIJR Journals. It will help authors to have transparent idea on peer-reviewing process to their ...

Journal Word Template

For Authors Word Template

This page will contain a collection of MS word templates for journals, proceedings, abstract books, monographs, books, thesis, preprints, etc. published by AIJR. Though it is not mandatory to use ...

How to Publish Paper

How to Publish Paper

Publishing a research paper in the peer-reviewed journal is an important activity and the publication process in all refereed journals is almost same. It is important to find a suitable refereed ...

Paper Publishing Process

For Authors publishing-process

Understanding the paper publishing process might be crucial for many new authors. We received emails from many authors asking for the process of publishing a research paper and hence writing this ...

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