Publishing Research Paper by Master’s Student

Publishing research papers by master’s degree students in all disciplines is desirable for the award of degree in most of the reputed institutions which are considered as part of the academic thesis project. Many institutions also require research work project in the final year of their bachelor’s degree students as well. This may be considered as introductory steps of the research environment as the students are unaware of the process and hence supervisor plays a crucial role in mentoring such undergraduate students. Here are some common guidelines & steps regarding students’s research paper publication.

In which Journal students can publish a paper?

Master degree students from Science & Technology discipline can publish their research paper in the Advanced Journal of Graduate Research. Students from the disciplines other than science can publish research work in the Advanced Journal of Social Science.

Can the same paper be posted on the preprint server?

Yes, both of the above journals allow posting on a preprint server. You are encouraged to post, discuss and update your paper on the AIJR Preprints server while still under review in the journal.

How master degree students can submit a research paper?

  1. Write a research paper

    Master degree students shall write the research paper with the help of their supervisor and seniors. Do not use copy-paste content or content from grey literature. Use only scholarly content as the basis of your paper. Students can write an original research article, review article, medical case report or survey article. Follow the ethics for authors while writing a research paper.

  2. Select a Journal and format the paper as per author guidelines?

    Select Advanced Journal of Graduate Research for research paper related to Science & Technology discipline (including medical science) Or select Advanced Journal of Social Science for research related to any discipline other than science. Read author guidelines carefully and format the paper accordingly. Don’t forget to include your supervisor as an author by indicating the mentor role.

  3. Discuss the paper with the supervisor before submission

    Discuss the paper with your supervisor for any further improvement and get their consent to submit in the selected journal.

  4. Submit your paper to the journal

    After discussing with the supervisor and improving the paper, submit it to the journal by following author guidelines. Remember to submit in only one journal at a time, do not submit to more than one journal (except preprints server) for consideration, simultaneous submission is a serious ethical issue. Make sure to provide complete detail in the online submission system including the addition of all contributors (authors) with their valid email id.

  5. Respond quickly for any comments from the editor

    After submission, wait for a notification from the editor, you may also track the status through the author dashboard. Any query or comment including reviewer’s comment for revision shall be addressed seriously and timely.

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The above information is useful for Bachelor’s degree students as well.

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