Call for Publications on COVID-19; Impact of Coronavirus Outbreak

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in China, it spreads rapidly to other parts of the world and still uncontrolled. The impacts of COVID19 on every aspect of human life and society can clearly be seen worldwide. Coronavirus attracts urgent need for new, novel, relevant, interdisciplinary research. Papers in all fields related to the coronavirus shall be published as quickly as possible. We are more interested in publishing Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, Medical Case Report, Survey Articles & Opinions.


We are trying to enable the AIJR platform for publishing and distributing new high-quality research to share information from scientists, researchers, policy-makers, decision-makers, and others working in all fields of academia, government, industry, and humanitarian assistance organizations. We welcome submissions on all aspects of COVID-19 pandemic-related papers across the AIJR titles as per the following procedure.

Step 1

Post to AIJR Preprints

Submit your paper under the Coronavirus section of AIJR Preprints by following author guidelines. A moderator will screen as per preprint’s screening criteria and post your paper (You may be asked for some modification if required). Submission Guidelines Word Template

Invitation for Journal Submission

If the manuscript’s quality found suitable for consideration in one of AIJR journals, the moderator will invite you to submit in a relevant journal (as per the scope of the journal) under the suitable section. Kindly note that this invitation will be within the author’s dashboard of preprint submission (we don’t send a separate email invitation).
If the author would not receive an invitation within 10 days of preprint publication, then the author should work on the manuscript to improve its quality and update with a new version so that it meets the quality standards for journal invitation.

Step 2
Step 3

Peer-Review & Publish

Submit your paper in the invited section of one of the following journal by following author guidelines. Wait for the peer-reviewing process and revise it as per the editor’s revision request within time. Once the editor found satisfactory, your paper will be accepted and published (Free). Article publishing fees will be waived off for invited submissions (through preprints submission).

Paper titles should mention either “COVID-19” or “Coronavirus” or “SARS-CoV-2”.

Title: Advanced Journal of Social Science
Article types: Opinions, Survey Article, Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, and Research Article.
Theme: All possible social impacts of the coronavirus.

Title: Advanced Journal of Graduate Research
Article types: Survey Article, Review Article, and Research Article.
Theme: All medical and innovation-related articles written by the authors below Ph.D. level students (Science Discipline Only).

Title: Journal of Modern Materials
Article types: Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, and Research Article.
Theme: Materials research related to coronavirus & COVID19 pandemic situation.

Title: International Annals of Science
Article types: Medical Case Report; Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, and Research Article.
Theme: Articles from a medical & virology perspective including the development of vaccines, methods of diagnosis, and treatment of patients.

Title: Advanced Nano Research
Article types: Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, and Research Article.
Theme: Articles at nanoscale research and development including nanotechnology related to coronavirus & COVID19 pandemic situation.

Title: Journal of Modeling and Simulation of Materials
Article types: Short Communication, Short Review, Review Article, and Research Article.
Theme: Simulation-based article related to coronavirus & COVID19 pandemic situation.

Note: The author can submit COVID-19 related articles to the above journals only after invitation through AIJR Preprints. Only selected articles based on its initial quality and significance will get invited within 10 days of publishing as preprints. (Waiving off APC is available only on the submissions invited through AIJR Preprints).

Experts, interested in reviewing coronavirus related articles are invited to join our reviewer board (subjected to fulfillment of minimum requirement and verification). Visit the Join Us page for more detail and fill the online application form.

How to Publish Research Papers on COVID19 (Medical as well as Social Perspective of Coronavirus)?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

A recent coronavirus outbreak brought the COVID19 pandemic situation that impacting the whole world on each and every aspect of humanity and all other activities on the earth. Scientists are still struggling to study and understand this deadly virus in order to save lives. The impact of COVID19 is no longer limited only to the medicinal aspects but it expanded to every aspect of our daily social life, industries, behavior, technologies, policymakers, governments, politics, labors, media, etc. AIJR is inviting researchers from each and every field to contribute research papers on the impact of COVID19 globally as well as locally within a specific country, city, or zone. We are interested in receiving all kinds of research papers by focusing on both present and long term implications of the coronavirus with interdisciplinary reflections.
Since research on coronavirus is still in the preliminary stage and hence we are more interested in getting Short Communications; Short Review, Review, Medical Case Report, Opinions, and Survey Articles. The authors are suggested to follow the following steps for submission of the research papers related to COVID-19 and its impact.

  1. Post to Preprint Server Under the Dedicated Coronavirus Section.

    Submit COVID19 related research paper under the Coronavirus section of AIJR Preprints by following author guidelines. While submitting the paper online, mention in the comment to the moderator (step 1 of online submission) that you are interested in getting an invitation for submission in the journal. The authors are suggested to use the terms “COVID-19”, or “Coronavirus” or “SARS-CoV-2” in the title of the paper. Submission Link Word Template

  2. Get Preprint Published within 2-10 Days (as Early Research Work).

    A moderator will screen the paper as per our screening criteria. If any modification required you will be asked to do so, kindly correct the paper as per instruction and reply with the modified version. The moderator will publish the paper under the coronavirus section of AIJR Preprints.

  3. Invitation for Submission in Journal.

    After successfully posting on the preprint server, an editor will check the initial quality & significance of the article for suitability to journal invitation. If an article found suitable for consideration in our journal, you will be invited by the moderator within 10 days (through a comment in the author dashboard of Preprints) to submit in a suitable journal (based on the aims & scope of the journal) for peer-reviewing and free publication. Kindly note that we do not send a submission invitation through email. You can then submit to the invited Journal under the suggested Section by following the author guideline of that journal.

  4. Revise and Get Published in the Journal.

    After submission, the peer-reviewing process will be initiated which may take time, kindly keep patience and wait for the reviewer’s recommendations. Once the reviewer’s recommendation available the editor will email a decision with revision request as per the reviewer’s comments within a specified time. Authors are supposed to address each and every comment seriously and submit the revised version well within time. Once the article found satisfactory, it will be accepted and published for Free (Free publication is limited for invited submissions only).

  5. Update the Preprint with DOI of Published Peer-reviewed Version.

    Once published in the journal, the author should update the preprint version with the DOI of published peer-reviewed version. The author will require to request the preprint moderator and the moderator will update the relationship of preprint publication.

  6. Celebrate, Share, and Cite Your Publication.

    Its time to celebrate and share the publication news to colleagues as well as in social media. You can share directly the published link or use the social sharing tool available on the abstract page of each article. Prepare your next paper for publication and cite your published paper (if appropriate).

FAQs for Coronavirus Research Publication

What aspect of research paper related to COVID-19 can be submitted?

All aspects of research work in relation to COVID-19 & its impact can be submitted including Clinical, Medicinal, Virological, Scientific, Biotechnology, Personal Care, Industrial, Educational, Social & Humanities, Transport, Business, Trade, Economy, Lockdown Impact, Environment, Human Rights, Privacy, Media, etc.

Why do we need to post on AIJR preprint server first?

Posting articles on the preprint server have numerous benefits. First of all, it gets published immediately, however, peer-reviewing will take a long time for acceptance and publication. Early dissemination of the research article is helpful for the community, discussion, and further improvement in the article beyond the reviewer’s comments. Further, based on the article the moderator will invite in an appropriate journal & section which eliminates editorial rejection and resubmission due to poor quality or not within the scope of the journal. Last but not least, AIJR offers free publications for articles invited through preprint’s moderator.

Can I submit to journal without posting on AIJR Preprints?

No, currently our all journals have a restriction on coronavirus-related paper to submit only through an invitation in order to save time and maintain scientific integrity. For more detail on this requirement, kindly visit our editorial article COVID-19 Pandemic and Research Publications; Necessity of Maintaining Scientific Integrity.

What if I don’t get invitation for journal submission?

We send an invitation for suitable articles (based on quality and significance) within 10 days of preprints publication. If you don’t get an invitation then you need to improve your preprint article and update it with a new version so that the quality and significance of the article become appropriate for consideration in the journal. Once the preprint article becomes insightful, you will automatically get an invitation through the preprint’s moderator.

Is there any ethical compliance requirement to submit in AIJR Preprints/Journals?

Yes, all submissions shall follow standard ethics & policies of AIJR preprints. We take all unethical behavior and author misconduct very seriously.

Is there any formatting requirements for the preprint?

Yes, Preprint paper requires consistent and technically well-formatted as available under author guidelines of AIJR Pre-prints. There is no specific requirement for reference formatting as long as it’s consistently formatted in any standard style. However, If you are planning to submit in the journal we suggest using the IEEE with URL style so that you don’t need to reformat while submitting in the journal.

Do I need to reformat for the submission in journal?

Submission should follow author guidelines of the journal where it’s going to be submitted. If the preprint article was written by following the author guidelines and using IEEE with URL reference citation style then you don’t need to reformat for submitting in the journal. You will only require to add the author’s complete detail as per the requirement of the journal.

Can I resubmit in another AIJR journal after rejecting from one AIJR journal?

Kindly read the editor’s decline email carefully. The editor will mention clearly if you can submit to another journal or not and if you can submit, what improvement you will require before re-submission. All submission & rejection of the article will route through the managing editor and hence do not resubmit to the other AIJR journals by ignoring the suggestion given in the declination email.

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