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Publish review article to provide a critical & constructive evaluation of the existing published research in a field in order to identify specific research gaps and provide recommendations for future research direction. A review article, also called a literature review is considered secondary literature since they generally do not present new research data from the author’s own experimental work but provide a critical review of existing published research data through summary, analysis, and comparison.

Review papers are high scholarly articles written by critically acclaimed experts in a specific field who can identify potential research areas to explore in the future, and sometimes they will draw new conclusions from the existing data. AIJR invites subject experts to submit an insightful review article to our upcoming review journal “Extensive Reviews” for peer-reviewing and possible publication. This is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal to publish only review articles from all subject categories.

Extensive Reviews

A multidisciplinary Peer-reviewed Journal

Publishing Fee: Free
Publishing Time: approx 1 month.
Call for Review Papers

Review articles can be of any type, traditional literature reviews or systematic reviews or meta-analyses, depending upon the author’s approach and objective of writing reviews. Review articles can also be of varying lengths depending upon the review type & subject area. The author shall ensure to present a critical discussion, not just a descriptive summary of the topic. If there is contradictory research in the selected research topic, make sure to include an element of debate and present both sides of the argument. The review paper can also be used to resolve the conflict between existing contradictory studies on the topic.

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