Call for Papers: Composite Materials

Call for Papers

Composite Material’s researchers are invited to submit their research papers to the Journal of Modern Materials for peer-reviewing and possible publication. Manufacturers and designers who are working in the field of composite materials and their structures can also submit the original research work. We are more interested in the current scientific and technological progress as interdisciplinary research. Authors are expected to contribute research work with new advances in composite materials, material processing, analysis & testing as well as its performance and applications. The topic of interest may include-

  • Green composites
  • Metal-matrix composites
  • Ceramic-matrix composites
  • Thermoplastic composites
  • Polymer-matrix composites
  • Structural and Functional Fibers and Composites
  • Reinforcement materials
  • Hybrid composite materials
  • Environmental effects
  • Properties and performance
  • Processing and manufacturing
  • Composite Material’s Properties (Physical, Chemical, Mechanical, etc)
  • Characterization of the composite materials.
  • Microscopic & macroscopic behavior
  • Damage mechanics
  • Techniques of composites fabrication.
  • Automated deposition and processing technologies
  • Advanced metal forming, bending, welding & casting techniques.
  • The constituent of composite materials
  • Analysis for the specific applications.

Research Type: Theoretical and/or experimental.
Article Type: Research Article; Short Communication; Review Article; Short Review.
Authorship Criteria: Ph.D. or above level students & Faculty Members.

Journal of Modern Materials is an international, peer-reviewed, materials science journal to publish research work from all fields of materials science. Authors below Ph.D. level students are not allowed to submit their work in this journal. Such young authors can submit their research work on composite materials to our specific journal “Advanced Journal of Graduate Research“.

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