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Collaboration ICRTMCS-2023

International Conference on Recent Trends in Mathematics and Computer Science 2023 (ICRTMCS-2023) will be held on October 19-21, 2023 at the Auxilium College of Arts and Science for Women, Tamil ...


Collaboration IHASC23

International Halal Science Conference 2023 (IHASC23) will be held on August 22-23, 2023 at KICT Building, International Islamic University Malaysia, Gombak, 53100 Selangor. IHASC23 is being ...

ICMEM 2023

Collaboration ICMEM 2023

The 2nd International Conference on Modern Trends in Engineering Technology and Management (ICMEM-2023) will be held on 4-6 May 2023. ICMEM-2023 is being organized by Sree Narayana Institute of ...


Collaboration ICAECE2023

The First International Conference on Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ICAECE'2023) will be held on May 15-16, 2023 at the University Larbi Tebessi of Tebessa, ...

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