How to Publish Paper

Publishing a research paper in the peer-reviewed journal is an important activity and the publication process in all refereed journals is almost same. It is important to find a suitable refereed journal for your research topic to increase the chances of publication and wider recognition. Getting published may not be easy but properly written manuscript with a straightforward piece of research yet technically creative can improve the odds. The following steps explain the publishing procedure:

  1. Prepare Research Paper Draft

    Have original research work of current interest by addressing the recent challenges in the field. Make sure that all necessary contents are in place with a well-defined Headings/section including figures and tables.

  2. Identify a Journal

    Search for a suitable refereed journal based on the aims & scope of that journal and your research field. Make sure that you have read the ethical policy and other information about the journal.

  3. Format according to the journal

    Format your manuscript as per the author’s guidelines of the journal. This is important step as many paper gets rejected at initial editorial screening step due to not following guidelines carefully.

  4. Self Review

    Let all authors of the manuscript review it once for any minor corrections. Always try to get reviewed by your supervisor or senior colleagues.

  5. Submit Research Paper

    Submit your research paper by selecting a proper section.

  6. Revise your paper

    Revise your manuscript seriously as per comment.

Note: This post is a draft version, visit the paper publishing process for detail. You may send suggestions to be included in this post.

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