Book Publishing with ISBN

AIJR offers scholarly book publication with ISBN and DOI. As an author, it is important that you take time to consider the right publisher and right book’s category for your important publication. The author will retain exclusive copyright and grant non-exclusive publishing and commercial right to AIJR Publisher with open access end-user license. Books will get promoted to potential readers worldwide by online distribution through AIJR publishing platform and other open access archiving services.

Currently, AIJR will consider online publication for following types of books directly from the author(s)-

AIJR also publish following types of books from conference organizer-

Benefits of Publishing book with AIJR

  • Peer-Reviewed: We are publishing refereed books, our all publications are peer-reviewed.
  • Open Access: All books are published with free access to everybody worldwide, No hidden fees.
  • ISBN: Each publication will get assigned ISBN number and registered in the international database.
  • DOI: Each publication will get assigned doi from CrossRef and get deposited into CrossRef database. For Edited Volume and Conference Proceedings, individual chapter/paper will also get assigned separate doi which will be deposited to the CrossRef database.
  • Retain copyright: Author retains copyright and granted non-exclusive publishing right to the AIJR Publisher. Author(s) are free to disseminate their published article, make copies for any use, and/or deposit in any repository or archive they like by linking to the original published article.
  • Support the community: By publishing your book with us you support the AIJR Publisher and enable youths to read your work.
  • Be read: Due to our books are free to everybody, more people access the books and cite you.
  • Print on Demand: We also offer print version (with seperate print ISBN) on demand, contact us for a quote.

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