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Finding the right journal with rapid publication becomes so difficult and sometimes confusing too. As this term “rapid publication” has been used in the different sense by different journals. Few journals say themselves rapid publication journal on the basis of time taken between acceptance and publication. On the other hand, few journals consider themselves rapid publisher on the basis of time taken between initial submission and editorial approval to proceed for review in their journal or reject without reviewing process initiated. Few Journal treats rapid publication as the time taken between the initial submission and first-round review completion, which sometimes refers as rapid review journals.

All 3 situations given above got the different scenario and have an entirely different meaning for rapid publication terms used by journals. It depends on what the author is looking for when searching for rapid publishing journals as well as if the searching author is able to differentiate in these terms. I believe that when any author is searching for rapid publication journals, it must be meant for the time taken between initial submission and review report available to the author for revision/acceptance/rejection.

AIJR announced Rapid Publication model for all journals by considering time take between initial submission and completion of the review. In AIJR journal’s rapid publication model, the first-round review report will be available to authors within 3 days to weeks depending on the selected publication options. Details are available on each journal’s homepage under about section. Few useful links of rapid publication options are given below-

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