Fast Track Journals for Faster Review

Our goal is to provide the research community with quick and immediate access to recently completed research works in various research areas that are rapidly developing with great potential impact. The research community as a whole benefits from the fact that leading-edge research is made available to a broad audience more quickly. AIJR journals are delivered to CrossRef, Google, abstract and indexing services, and various repositories. Fast track is considered the best way to disseminate an outstanding article that reports important and timely developments.

Why Fast Track Journal?

Fast track journals are crucial for research articles that are exceptionally important and requires urgent dissemination, or where there is a funding policy reason for urgent publication. AIJR offers faster review for such articles through various rapid review options and if accepted under the rapid review option, it will get published within 3 days of acceptance. 

Fast Track Journals

AIJR has started optional rapid review options for fast-track publications to highlight significant developments in the various fields of academic research without compromising quality. AIJR offers fast track submissions through rapid review options in the following journals-

How to choose a fast track publication?

Above AIJR journals offering fast track submission through rapid review options with payment of rapid review fee, For more detail kindly visit APC under About section of the individual journal by clicking at the above journal’s name.

Fast Track Consideration Limits

Kindly note that we accept a limited number of the article under fast track every day,  You may email journal’s primary contact for the query. After receiving a rapid review request for the article, we will inform you by the end of the next working day whether we can offer a rapid review for the submission or not. If we decide not to we may offer to consider your paper either in the normal way or provide you a date from when we can consider it under rapid review.

  • Article submitted under rapid review options cannot be withdrawn under any circumstances.
  • The author should upload the revised manuscript within 1 week of receiving our decision.
  • The research article should be submitted normally through our online article submission system and a separate email should be sent for choosing rapid review by agreeing to pay the required APC after acceptance of the article.
Fast Track Journals

Whether publishing with fast track journals worth it or not?

Publication in fast track journals are important and should be considered only when the authors have to meet publication deadlines or because the findings are deemed important for quick publication. Many of us have concerns if any adverse effect exists by choosing a fast-track publication. It does not affect the quality of the published articles in the AIJR journals as all papers submitted to our journals are undergo the same peer-review process. There is also no difference in the acceptance or rejection rate even when authors have opted to pay for rapid review under fast track journals, and there is no preference given for fast-tracked papers. The only difference between a normal/regular submission and rapid review submission is the time it takes from initial submission to the first review report. 

Fast-track only prioritizes peer review of the manuscript and decreases its publication time.

The benefits of using fast track publication include-

  • Stay ahead of the competition.
  • Control your publication schedule with concrete timelines.
  • Our Fast Track service is the fastest way to publish, quicker than any competitor
  • Support and guidance from our expert editors, every step of the way

Normal Publication Vs. Fast Track Publication

Fee: Normal Publication is Free however fast track publication requires payment as per the selected rapid review option.

Review Time: Normal Publication may take up to 8 weeks however rapid review may take only 5-7 days.

Revision Time: Author may take 4 weeks to revise in Normal publication however only 1 week time will be allowed in the rapid review option.

Withdrawn: The author may withdraw the article in the normal publication, however, article withdrawal is not allowed in the rapid review option.

Selection: Submitted article will automatically be considered under normal publication unless the author sends a separate email request for choosing a rapid review option.

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