Happy New Year and Best Wishes for Success in 2018

First of all, AIJR would like to wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year ahead.

It is with great pleasure and sense of responsibility that we write new year wishes today for AIJR Publisher. We appreciate contributions and support from all over the world to further develop and improve AIJR Publications. It is with an unconditional trust that the authors of the research communities have given us with their confidence; we promise to do our best not only to maintain the scientific excellence of the AIJR Journals but also to continue work for improving AIJR Publisher’s best practice.

We wish the readers of AIJR Publisher a happy new year ahead.

For our readers who find their way to this post on its publication day, it will be the end of 2017 and is about to begin 2018, that traditional boundary between past and future. This is always a good time to reflect on things accomplished and things planned.

AIJR Publisher has been established since early 2016 and published its first materials science journal “Journal of modern materials” in July 2016. Later in 2016, AIJR started publishing multidisciplinary journal “International Annals of Science” and a specific journal for publishing research work done by undergraduate/graduate students “Advanced Journal of Graduate Research”. At the end of 2017, AIJR launched 2 more journals, “Advanced Nano Research” specific for research work done at nanoscale and “Advanced Journal of Social Science” which covers wide research field in social science and humanities discipline. As an international publisher in numerous academic and scientific fields, through our different journals, we have received approx. 400 manuscripts from various discipline. This is remarkable for a new scholarly publisher and shows a strength of the AIJR Publisher.

We believe there are areas in which the AIJR Publisher can benefit from past experiences for effective improvement. Over the next several months you will see changes that we hope reflect the needs of both, AIJR publisher and research community.

We would like to introduce some new initiative by AIJR Publisher going to happen in 2018 and beyond.

Finally, we are very pleased to announce that AIJR Journals will start publishing special issues of solicited high-quality papers that fall under a specific topic of recent research interest. We will aim to publish at least one special issue per year, with appointed guest editors for the issue. We are keen to publish high-quality articles on these specific topics to keep attracting our readers. No doubt, special issues will contribute a lot to an increased specific readership base. AIJR is looking forward to working with our Editors and special issue guest editors in planning interesting issues over the years to come.

Before closing this post, AIJR would like to thank those reviewers who have helped us to assess manuscripts and make decisions. AIJR Journals relies on their expert knowledge and warm support. AIJR publisher takes this opportunity to thank all board members, authors, and worldwide readers, for their efforts in making the AIJR Journals a success and wishes them happy days during this holiday season.

The New Year will soon begin, with new hopes and aspirations and determination to continue the success of the AIJR Publisher.

With best wishes for 2018

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