AIJR Launches Open Access Social Science Journal

AIJR is pleased to announce the launch of social science journal (Advanced Journal of Social Science), a new open access journal in the English language devoted to social science and humanities. This social science journal has been launched and started accepting the manuscript for peer-review in September 2017 and the first issue will be available online in October 2017. Advanced Journal of Social Science will follow continuous publication model with two volumes per year (May and November volume) starting from November 2017.

Article Types for this Social Science Journal

Article section of this social science journal includes original research papers, review papers, survey articles, opinions and short communications. All relevant information for this social science journal will be updated on journal homepage by the end of October 2017.

Social Science Journal

Call for Papers in this Social Science Journal

We invite researchers, academicians, professionals, and students from all over the world to submit high-quality papers for possible publication in all areas of social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology, economics, environmental research, Management, geography, and policy). The manuscript must be written in English with proper terminologies and must be original, not previously or simultaneously published elsewhere. Submitted manuscripts will be critically reviewed before they are published through blind peer review.

All published articles will be open access and available online immediately upon publication without costs to read, download, print, reuse as per CC BY-NC 4.0 end-user license. Author(s) will retain copyright (See Copyright Policy) for their articles unless otherwise transferred to their institution/funding agency by special request to the editor.

Interested in Joining Editorial Team of AJSS?

Interested experts are welcome to join our editorial/reviewer board by applying through online joining form (click here to apply). Kindly upload updated CV with publication list and use official email id which can be verified.

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