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Journal of Modern Materials is a refereed materials journal for publishing research papers related to all aspects of materials research. Submit your manuscript for possible publication through the journal’s homepage. Materials research community throughout the globe is welcome to submit their research paper in this materials journal. This journal publishes all aspects of materials research including but not limited to-

Advanced Powder Technology, Applied Surface Science, Biomaterials, Carbon Materials, Cement and Concrete Composites, Ceramics Materials, Composite Structures, Composites Science and Technology, Corrosion Science, Solid State & Materials Science, Diamond & Related Materials, Polymer, Polymer Degradation and Stability, Reactive and Functional Polymers, Polymer Testing, Hydrometallurgy, Infrared Physics and Technology, Intermetallic Materials, Mineral Processing, Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, Alloys and Compounds, Luminescence Materials, Membrane Science, Materials Characterization, Materials Engineering,  Semiconductor Processing, Micron, Minerals Engineering, Optical Fiber Technology, Optical Materials, Optics and Laser Technology, Optics and Lasers Engineering,  Materials Separation and Purification Technology, Superlattices and Microstructures, Surface & Coatings Technology, Surface Science, Synthetic Metals, Thin Films & Thin Film Technology, Ultramicroscopy, Vacuum Technology, etc.

Is it a refereed journal?

Yes, Journal of modern materials is an international, peer-reviewed journal.

Who can submit a research paper?

Any Ph.D. and above student and senior researchers.

How to Submit?

Submit online through the journal’s homepage by following author guideline.

What is the last date of submission?

You can submit anytime as its continuous publishing journal.

Is this journal free?

Yes, Normal Publication is absolutely free (No hidden charges). Kindly visit APC section for detail.

Do you offer rapid publication?

Yes, This journal offers various rapid publication options which are optional and requires payment as described in APC section.

What is the difference in normal and rapid review?

The only difference in time required to complete each round review.

Where can I get more information about this journal?

Visit Journal homepage and about section for all detail.

Journal Name: Journal of Modern Materials
ISSN: 2456-4834
Focus Topics: All aspect of materials research
Homepage Link: Click here
Author Guideline Link: Click here
Aims and Scope Link: Click here
Ethics for Authors: Click here
Online Submission Link: Click here
Reviewing Time and Rapid Review Option: Click here
Publication Fee: Free (normal publication)
Rapid Publication: Yes, Optional

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