Materials Research Publication – Call for Paper Submission

Materials research publication in the Journal of Modern Materials (ISSN:2456-4834) is open for interdisciplinary materials research. Journal of Modern Materials is a refereed, open access, international materials journal with rapid review option for rapid publication. Manuscripts for all aspects of Materials research can submit in this peer-reviewed journal.  Areas of interest include but not limited to Materials characterisation, Material properties, Material applications, Synthesis and fabrication of materials etc.Submit materials research article

Area of materials research acceptable in the Journal of Modern Materials is given below (But not limited to)-

Polymers, Carbon allotropes and 2D materials including graphite, graphene and other 2D materials, Electronic materials including semiconductors, transistors, low-k and high-k dielectrics, electronic packaging materials, wide bandgap materials, MEMS, NEMS , Glasses and ceramics including fluoride glasses, aluminosilicates, phosphate glasses, borate glasses, and chalcogenide glasses, silicates, ceramic engineering and processing, Magnetic materials including Ferro- and ferrimagnetic materials, magnetic recording, spintronic materials and devices etc., Metals and alloys including new and complex alloys, metal foams, design and application, aspects of tribology including lubrication, corrosion resistance, microstructure and structure analysis, surface wear analysis etc., materials properties & characterisation, Materials for biological and medical applications, electronics, photonics, energy materials patterning, materials fabrication, sensors and actuators, self-assembly or synthesis of modern materials etc, Photonic materials and metamaterials including luminescent, photonic devices, optical metamaterials, plasmonics, magneto-optic storage, holographic memory, photonic crystals and fibres, optical fibres, magneto-photonic crystals, photovoltaics, LEDs, OLEDs, Metamaterials including structural, nonlinear and elastic metamaterials across all frequencies, Polymers and organic compounds including copolymers, elastomers and plastics, and composites, chemical synthesis, characterization of properties and bulk properties, etc, Smart materials research including shape memory alloys and polymers, electro and magnetorheological materials, piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics, multiferroics, piezomagnetic, electro and magnetostrictive materials, thermoelectrics, photovoltaics, electro and magnetocaloric materials, electrochromic, IPMCs, electroactive polymers, smart energy storage materials, self-healing materials and multifunctional materials in general, Soft matter including colloids, polymers, foams, gels, hydrogels, granular materials, liquid crystals etc, Superconducting materials including Type I and II, High Tc, unconventional superconductor, new materials, superconducting alloys or ceramics etc, Surfaces, interfaces and thin films, Deposition techniques, thin film photovoltaics and batteries, ceramic thin films, optical coatings, corrosion/oxidation barriers, magnetic storage etc.

Type of Papers Accepted:

  • Research Paper
  • Review Papers
  • Mini- Review
  • Short Communication

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