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Materials Journal by AIJRJournal of Modern Materials” is open for paper submission with rapid publication option. Journal of Modern Materials publishes research paper related to materials science for free under normal publication model. However, sometimes fast publication is necessary and hence this materials science journal offers rapid review options for fast publication. Under rapid review option, the first round review will be completed within faster according to the selected option and the author will require to pay rapid publication fee.

Journal of modern materials is an international, refereed journal for publishing papers related to materials research. This materials journal cover a broad spectrum of materials relationship between structure, properties, synthesis and uses of materials. Focus research field suitable for the journal of modern materials includes-

  • Composite materials, Glassy materials, Carbon materials, Magnetic materials.
  • Metals and Alloys, Porous Materials, Ceramics, Chalcogenides.
  • Polymers, Semiconductors, Glasses, Superconducting materials.
  • Electronic materials, Electrical materials, Sensor materials, Electrical characterization of materials.
  • Functional materials. Materials for energy, Photovoltaic materials, Detectors.
  • Optical materials, fibers, Optoelectronics, Optical Characterization of materials.
  • Structural properties of materials, Thermal Properties of materials.
  • Thermal Properties of new organic and inorganic materials, Thermal characterization.
  • Thin films, Irradiation effects on Materials.

The author may always submit materials research papers for free publication under normal publication model.

Types of papers: Full-length Research Articles; Short Communications; Review Articles; Short Reviews.

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