Materials Journal

Materials Journal published by AIJR namely “Journal of Modern Materials” is an international refereed journal. Journal of Modern Materials was launched in 2016 with the aim to publish articles related to all aspect of materials science research. Journal of Modern Materials is the only materials journal published by AIJR with ISSN 2456-4834. This materials journal is indexed in the various scientific databases, an updated detail can be found at the journal homepage under about section.

This materials journal is publishing free articles under normal publication model with open access, which means that articles are free to publish and free to read in this journal.

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Focused Research Fields
Materials Characterization, Material properties, Material applications, Synthesis and fabrication of materials, etc.

Of particular interest for Journal of Modern Materials are the materials aspects of:
Prediction, synthesis, and design of new materials, Crystal growth, film growth, crystallization, and kinetics, Thin films, interfaces, surfaces, and heterostructures, Glasses and amorphous materials, Magnetic, ferroelectric, and multiferroic materials, Metamaterials and plasmonic, optical, and photonic materials, Two-dimensional materials, Materials for energy harvesting, storage, and generation, Superconducting materials, Organic conductors and electronics, Soft materials, polymers, self-assembly, and biomaterials, Electronic materials; semiconductors, metals, and dielectrics, Mechanical properties, materials structure, phase transformations, Materials for catalysis and electrochemistry, colloids, Microscopy, spectroscopy, and scattering methods, Experimental and theoretical methods for materials, Materials Theory, Dynamical materials processes, and techniques, etc.

Paper Types Acceptable in this Journal
Original Research Article, Review Article, Mini-Review, Short Communication.

Materials Journal

This materials journal will provide a high-quality publication and reference source to the community of physicists, materials scientists, chemists, engineers, and researchers in related disciplines that carry out high-quality original research in materials.

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