Publishing Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research students always struggle to find right journal and relevant guide to publish their research work. Most of the time this is their first experience to publish an article which make undergraduate students difficult to find appropriate journal due to lack of dedicated journal for such students. Most of the regular journals expect a PhD level students as an author and even if any student get success in publication they dont have any specific info in the article to identify that the work was done during undergraduate research. Identifying work done as an undergraduate student is important because it shows specific talent of the student toward research which is more valuable than a research work published by doctorate student due to knowledge and maturity level difference.

AIJR is inviting all students below PhD level to publish their research work in the specific journal “Advanced Journal of Graduate Research” which is a refereed journal and run by the same academicians as any other regular journal. Publishing undergraduate research in AJGR will give specific recognition to all students by publishing their academic detail on the abstract page. The only condition is that research work should be mentored by a faculty member and author should follow author guideline for manuscript formatting and providing relevant info.

Important info for undergraduate author(s)

  • Author should read guideline carefully and follow it precisely.
  • Author should consult their supervisor and show manuscript before submission.
  • Author is suggested to watch Youtube Playlist “Resources for the Authors” which might be helpful in manuscript writing.
  • Author should cite references within the text at appropriate place. Only listing all references at the end of manuscript without citing within the text is not acceptable.
  • All figures and tables should have appropriate figure/table number with descriptive title and each figure/table should be explained in the text by referring to the corresponding figure/table number.
  • Author should submit manuscript online and add all author(s) with complete detail in step 3 of the submission (In same order as present in the manuscript).

Important links for undergraduate research submission

Journal homepage: Click here
Author Guideline: Click here
Aims and Scope: Click here
Online Submission: Click here
Reviewing Time and Rapid Review Option: Click here


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